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Green Materials, Green Modifiers,

Green Production, Green Installations and Green Applications.


Our Commitment to the Environment

Reducing our environmental impact



Green in materials

It is odourless and contains no asbestos, crystalline silica, or toxic glues, such as urea/phenol formaldehyde.


Green in priduction

20-40% less energy is required to manufacture MgO board vs Portland cement-based boards. It is 100% recycle and with Low CO2 footprint.


Green in installations

Gemtreeboard significantly reduces installation costs.It is easy to cut, saw, nail, stick, paint and veneer.


Energy efficiency

It provides excellent sound and heat insulation.


Ecological environmental protection

Gemtreeboard sawdust may be safely buried in a landfill without contamination or environmental damage to land, streams or bodies of water.




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